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Computer Repair EuroByte can save the day.............. Repair & Maintenance Computer Repairs Damaged by a power spike? Put the red wine just a little too close to the keyboard? Stabbed at the plasma screen once too often?  Fast reliable and cost effective repairs, our speciality! Data Recovery Computer Data Recovery Developed the Blue Screen of Death? Not booting? Accidentally erased your lifetime collections of music, photos or data?  Even if you don’t repair the computer, we can save all that data for you! Computer Repairs Upgrades as well! Running a little slow? Need more memory? A bigger hard drive? New DVD drive?  Cost effective upgrade can save on the need for a new computer Repair & Maintenance Ongoing Care For those preferring to work to a fixed budget, we offer Service Agreements for single machines or an office full, for callouts, parts inclusive or fully comprehensive. EuroByte can help you with: